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The Abatti Companies Introduce New American Wagyu Beef Line

News | June 24, 2024

El Centro, CA: The Abatti Companies, with a rich 100-year family farming history, have expanded globally, exporting to over 20 countries. They are known for their agriculture divisions focused on forage/feedstocks, seed, fertilizer, global logistics, and niche cattle feeding. The Abatti family is proud to introduce Abatti Ranch Wagyu boxed beef to expand their family agribusiness portfolio.


Over the past 30 years, Alex Abatti Jr., the founder of the Abatti Companies and a third-generation farmer, has been researching the Japanese Wagyu feeding style to meet the feedstock export requirements of his Japanese Wagyu-producing customers. In 2018, the Abatti Companies started feeding American Wagyu cattle and applied the same renowned Japanese feed style principles. In 2022, the Abatti Companies established LVS Cattle Feeders with a one-time feeding capacity of 13,000 head, focusing exclusively on finishing the finest American Wagyu cattle.


LVS Cattle Feeders, in California’s Imperial Valley, enjoys ideal year-round feeding conditionsfor their family’s American Wagyu cattle. Daniela Abatti, Cattle Manager, and a fourth-generation farmer, states, “Our Abatti Ranch Wagyu cattle are genuinely happier! Our Wagyu cattle have dry, consistent weather, access to deluxe feed, generous spacing, ample shade, and snowpack-sourced river water. These conditions, combined with our genetics, result in unmatched consistency for marbling, tenderness, and a luxurious umami flavor. Other American Wagyu cattle typically endure two harsh winters in unprotected pens and extensive transport, impacting efficiency and quality.


The exclusively branded Abatti Ranch Wagyu boxed beef is grain-fed for a minimum of 550 days and raised without the use of hormones. All cattle are born, raised, and harvested in California. Abatti Ranch Wagyu will be available for worldwide distribution this July and willset a new standard for American Wagyu beef.


Please contact Reid Swanson at rswanson@abatti.com or 760-675-8894 with inquiries.